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$2,700.00 $990.00

Private 1 on 1 Coaching with Geek Beast’s Supervisors

Need to increase your sales on eBay but you dont know what service is suitable for your account?No problem at all..Our Highly trained Supervisors will contact you through skype and guide you on what your company needs.

Create your Shopify store


Experienced Shopify store designers will create for you and fully provide you a ready to launch store from scratch.

The Service comes with 10 products of your choice added and modified for you to start your eCommerce Business.

eBay Account Analysis


Delivery within 6 Working Days

We will analyze your profit margins and plan out your online store for maximized profits.

Our Highly Trained VA Managers together with Geek Beast’s CEO, will give your online presence a full makeover for success, with profits raking in through daily sales from successful listings done by our passionate team.

Hire a PL Expert

  • What a PL Expert will do for you:
    1. Find a Hot Selling Product on Amazon
    2. Analyse Competition and Profitability
    3. Source the item from manufacturers
    4. Deal with Vendors
    5. Receive samples for you
    6. Send you a video with the sample to ensure the quality
    7. Arrange item’s production and shipment