Sell freshly sold items from other competitors by using the undercut method

The Geek Beasts scrape hundred of sold items within 7 days and list those items to you with a lower price.This means that this item was sold at least 1 time over a period of 7 day,so the chance of selling this item your self is increased dramatically!This method is called undercut and its being used by tons of successful dropshippers around the world for years

Goal: Increase Sell Through Rate 

Suitable for: Customers who want to increase their eBay sales
Made by: Highly Trained EU Virtual Assistants

Title and Price modification

Geek Beasts will modify your title and price using various tools including Terapeak and Profit SKU

Increased chance of selling an item

If the competitor sold this item within 7 days why shouldn’t you sell it abit cheaper and with better title?This is the idea behind Undercut Listings

Small Profit Margins

While their goal is to increase your STR and sales youll need to make a small “sacrifice” and this is the big profit margins.

Highly Trained VA's

Our VA’s have been highly trained with the latest methods  to assure competitive listings