The PL Expert is essential for any amazon store as he can take care of your Private Label Business from A to Z

What a PL Expert will do for you:

  • Find a Hot Selling Product on Amazon
  • Analyse Competition and Profitability
  • Source the item from manufacturers
  • Deal with Vendors
  • Receive samples for you
  • Send you a video with the sample to ensure the quality
  • Arrange item’s production and shipment

Delivery Time: 1-2 Weeks

Category: Amazon

Made by: George Zafeiras

Competitor Research

The PL expert will find hot selling products analyze the competition and find profit at the best price.

Product Check

We will do everything for you! We will talk with the manufacturers make a deal with vendors and receive samples to check in your stead.

Quality Check

We will make a video to show you the products and to ensure that it is the best quality out there!

Shipping & Production

The PL Expert will arrange the production and shipping of your products.

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