Geek Beasts Auto Orderting

Auto Ordering Made by Virtual Assistants

No need to worry about Out Of Stock items again..Have you ever though the scenario of not sending any orders at all and wasting tons of hours?Well we are here for you…Just fill the needed settings through Geek Dash and everything will be automated. INSTANTLY, Once you make a sale ,Geek Dash grabs all the necessary details and sends them to our Highly Trained Virtual Assistants.Then they manually put the order for you through a encrypted platform made by the team of SKU Grid.The Virtual Assistants do not see any passwords or credit card information.

Platform: Geek Dash

Category: eBay Auto Ordering

Release Date: End of April 2017

Human Auto Ordering

Orders are made and verifies 100% by humans

100% Secure

All your details are encrypted , the Virtual Assistant DO NOT see any details including your personal info and credit card info

Cheaper than other AO systems

Our fully automated ordering system is way cheaper than other auto ordering application

Checked by Supervisors

Every order is checked by a supervisor before is being processed by the Virtual Assistants