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We will analyze your eBay account and plan out your online store for maximized profits.

Too often, eBay sellers jump into this business without proper training.  Many also do not know how to evaluate their current eBay Account standing.  Your eBay Account standing will affect your ability to make consistent sales and scale up your business.  You need an account analysis to better understand where you are currently at, what areas you can improve, and to know the next steps to ensure that you get on the path to success.  The Geek Beasts are happy to provide you with the most in-depth account analysis provided in the market.

Delivery Time: 10-12 Working Days

Category: eBay

Made by: George Manousakis

Competitor Research

We will analyse all your competitors and see if your listings are sold from many other sellers on eBay and figure out whats the difference between you and them

Sale Statistics

We will analyze all your statistics within a month (Sale Through Rate , Sales , Policies)

Hot Selling Categories

We will provide you will a list of super hot categories for this month that have a huge Success Rate.This means if you list from these categories you’ll definitely get sales


We will provide you with some valuable insights into your business and has given you some excellent tips to get your account on track