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Virtual Assistance services , eCommerce Solutions and Digital Marketing Company , based is Sofia Bulgaria

In Early 2017, a passionate group of experienced drop-shippers came together with the idea to help the drop-shipping community.  Understanding that there was a  need for providing solutions in the eCommerce industry, in terms of listing on eBay or Amazon, they wanted to take it to another level.  They decided to open offices in Sofia Bulgaria, and hire real Virtual assistants, who are fully trained to help you cut your time entirely to list profitable items to your online stores on eBay and Amazon.

Using our in-house applications to list and to track each and every order while you are just watching your profits roll in, becomes a reality.   Geek Beasts have built a dream team for your listings.  In house real virtual assistants here to help you take your online eCommerce business to another level!

Among our clients

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In-House Trained Virtual Assistants. Hand picked to join the Geek Beast family.


Our Virtual Assistants treat your business with integrity and respect.  They will take the extra step to help your business succeed.


Your business will be updated with anything new and updated that is needed to take your business forward.  Leave it to the Virtual Assistants to take over your account to success!


Your business is safe with our virtual assistants.  Every account is treated with respect and privacy.  No information is ever shared with any third part vendors or businesses.  You are safe with Geek Beasts!


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Geek Beast Services

Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

Our highly trained, in-house virtual assistants have been hired to join the our Geek Beasts team, for high quality services as well as taking care of our customers on a one-on-one basis, making sure that your online e-commerce business is running as smooth as you would like it to be and how it should be.  Our Assistants take the time to review your accounts online and give you new strategies and tips on how to double your sales.

eBay Listings

Our Virtual Assistance with over a year of experience will list you eBay items according to your needs

eBay Account Analysis

Our CEO’s will analyze your competitors , your Sell Through Rate and many more other factors to find out what the exact strategy you should follow to double your income.Everything is written in a Step by Step guide

Amazon Listings

Want someone to list you products on Amazon?No problem,our highly trained Virtual Assistants can do that for you 24/7

Woo Commerce

Do you want your own online shop?Our web designers can create your own shop within 10 days!

Digital Marketing

Our highly expert CMO’s can create you a full online marketing strategy according to your budget and your company’s needs

Auto Ordering

Do you want to put your dropshipping business in Auto Pilot?Our Virtual Assistants can safely put your orders though our revolutionary Geek Dash platform 24/7

Advanced eCommerce Sollutions

Our Highly Trained Virtual Assistants can fully automate anything you need for your ecommerce business.Listing products , SEO , Auto Ordering ,Answering on Messages and many more.

Professional Digital Marketing Strategies

Our Virtual Assistants will improve your business with our specific digital marketing strategies applied to each of your accounts for maximum results. Tested and proven!


Highly qualified specialists
George Manousakis

George Manousakis

Co-Founder. CEO

George Manousakis has been involved in ecommerce since 2006 and is the CEO of Hydralister, the most advanced listing tool on the market. Due to the rising success of Hydralister and the need for the community to find more profitable items, George came up with the idea of Geek Beasts for a fully automation on eCommerce including eBay ,Amazon,Shopify and Woo Commerce

Anna Kaloteraki

Anna Kaloteraki

Co-Founder. CEO

Anna Kaloteraki has been involved in ecommerce since 2010 with more than 10 million in sales on both eBay and Amazon platform.She has mastered dropshipping, retail – online arbitrage and wholesale.She has been a CEO in many online and offline companies including iMarketing Solutions , Reviewit and Viral Snobs


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